LWL: Help with Moving House

Dear Members:
This is an urgent request: Rakesh Mathur of Asia Ventures: asiaventures@gmail.com has written with an update on his situation, which is that he is leaving Crystal Palace area soon. He invites me - and other LETSlink members who are willing - to visit this weekend, to help me with packing. He also has lots of household stuff to give away. He is providing a vegetarian meal and/or might organise a picnic, weather permitting. I'm planning to lend a hand on Saturday, but the task will be ongoing, so please call Rakesh direct to make an arrangement: 07967 316412.

As an experiment, I'm adding links to updates to our Offers & Wants database during the past week. To view details and member profiles, you need to be logged in.
Link to Offers posted in the past week: http://www.londonwide.letslink.org/members/listings_found.php?type=Offer&keyword=&category=0&timeframe=7
Link to Wants posted in the past week: http://www.londonwide.letslink.org/members/listings_found.php?type=Want&keyword=&category=0&timeframe=7

I think what's happened with many members is that you might have forgotten how to log into the system to create and update your profile, so reply if you need help with this and/or if you want to coordinate with others in helping Rakesh over the weekend. Regards to all Mary Fee, Coordinator, LETSlink London: 07966 216891: http://www.letslinklondon.org.uk